We have the world’s best
set of investors

We help founders raise money, engage their
community, and scale for the future.

What we provide

Regulated Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding services regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA)

Dedicated Team

We assign a dedicated team to advise and guide you to get your campaign content ready, ongoing customer service and provide investor services once your raise is live.

Rolling Closes

Withdraw funds as early as achieving regulatory minimum and continue to withdraw at agreed milestones to keep funding the business growth

SPV Setup

We help you with the documentation to on-board your investors onto the company under a special purpose vehicle (SPV)

How to raise money on Wadiaa


Fill in the Raise Money form and
upload information. We will
conduct the due-diligence and
select to raise money.

Campaign Agreement Signed

We make recommendations to make your campaign a success and we sign an agreement on the terms for raising money.

Campaign Launched

We make recommendations to make your campaign a success and we sign an agreement on the terms for raising money.

Campaign Close

We close the campaign and transfer the funds upon successfully reaching the required minimum funding target. We help with investor on-boarding

Founder Benefits in Crowdfunding

Simplify your fundraising process

The Wadiaa platform makes investing easy and accessible. We take care of all the cumbersome details of getting investors onboarded.

Focus on business growth while raising money

Raise money on Wadiaa while focusing on increasing your sales, growing the brand, and engaging your community, all while focusing on your core business.

Engage the community

Gain more exposure for your business on our platform. Let our users, your customers and fans buy into your mission and turn them into your most loyal brand ambassadors.

Streamlined investment process

Our processes are streamlined and startup-friendly, making your investment campaign management easy and affordable.

Drive your key marketing and sales metrics up

Fundraising on Wadiaa comes with multiple added benefits. Companies gain exponential visibility from being hosted on Wadiaa and can significantly grow their user bases, sell more, gain better media coverage, connect with more VCs, and raise follow on funding rounds at impressive terms.

Opportunity to manage investors under one SPV - Single line on your cap table

Wadiaa investors can be organized under one SPV represented by one lead investor. The SPV would be represented as a single line on your cap table and can act as a single investor. This helps founders ensure operational costs remain under control while effectively managing your investors.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Wadiaa is an Omani Fintech company engaged in Crowd-funding/ Crowd-lending activities with focus on Equity and Loan-based funding for small and medium enterprises.

We enable promising startups to raise funds for growth by enabling them to run fundraising campaigns on the Wadiaa platform. We also enable investors from the general public, investment houses, Angel investors and VCs looking for investing in startups and SMEs to find promising startups, review their potential and invest in these fundraising campaigns amounts they can afford. Upon completing a successful funding campaign, we transfer the fund to the startup company.

Presently, we are offering equity crowdfunding. So, investors can invest in startups in return for shares in the startup.

We try to be selective in the type of companies fundraising on the Wadiaa platform. Although the industry sectors may vary, we aim to give investors a wide range of business sectors to invest in. Some of the more popular ones include e-Commerce, Fin-tech, Health-tech, F&B, services, among others. Please search for the sectors that you are most interested in.

The Wadiaa platform itself is regulated and built to ensure a safe and secure investment experience for our customers. However, investing in startups is high risk as startups have a higher failure rate than established companies. Hence, if the startups fail, you can lose all of your invested money. Also, there is no immediate secondary market to sell your shares. You only get your returns when the startup grows and gets acquired or issue an initial public offering (IPO). Hence, do your own due-diligence before investing and only invest amounts that you can afford to lose.